Tips to Avoid Door-to-Door Scams

The following is just a short list of things to remember when these solicitors come knocking on your door.

1. DON’T ENGAGE — You don’t have to answer the door to anyone. Simply tell them through your closed door that you are not interested in what they are selling. If they do not leave and continue to try and get you to open the door, call the Police.

2. POST A NO SOLICITING SIGN — This does not always deter these people from knocking on your door; However some will move on and go to the next house.

3. ASK FOR THEIR CITY PERMIT — Remember these solicitors are not allowed to sell door-to-door without a city permit. If they don’t have one or they tell you that their boss has it, call the Police and have them checked out.

4. ASK FOR THEIR COMPANY OR I.D. BADGE — Every solicitor should have a company I.D. badge. If they don’t, it is time to ask them to leave your property.

5. DON’T BE PRESSURED INTO A QUICK DECISION — If the solicitor tells you that you must buy the product now or this good deal will never be offered again, This should be a RED flag.

6. JUST SAY NO — Remember you have the right to just say no and ask them to leave, If they refuse, call the Police.

7. BE LEERY OF SCARE TACTICS — Some solicitors will tell you that a repair needs to be made to your house immediately to avoid further damage. Always call a contractor that you trust to check on any possible problems.

8. NEVER PAY IN ADVANCE — Do not give the solicitor even partial payment. Once they get the money and you go back inside, some of them will leave and never do the work.

Other things to remember: Never give the solicitor any personal information. Do not let them inside your house to use the phone or restroom. If you change your mind about a purchase, you have 72 hours to get a full refund. This is the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘cooling off rule’.

Remember: You never get a second chance to keep you and your family safe!


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